100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Client (per contract) must be personally present during the entire inspection. This is specifically for us to discuss our findings in its entirety, in person, with the client. If at the end of the inspection you feel my service does not allow you make an educated decision regarding the home – the inspection is on us. I will give you the inspection report and you owe me nothing.
  • If the inspection fee was paid up front to Inspect the Smokies, LLC (via credit card) , the amount will be refunded in 7 days, by check, to the responsible party once the release form liability form is received signed and witnessed.
  • Guarantee is limited to 3 days from the inspection date and request for refund must be submitted in writing within three days from the inspection date.
  • The Guarantee is for the initial home inspection rendered. All other services are not covered by this guarantee (i.e. re-inspections, radon test, water test etc)
  • A signed and witnessed Inspect the Smokies, LLC release from liability form must be signed and received to initiate this process.